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packable hats

packable hats snap back into action for summer fun.

Sustainable packable hats- 2020

We’re excited to launch our most popular selling hats for the season! Where fashion meets function with these ultra-hip silhouettes! 

Made to order, sun hats in packable and lightweight raffia, palm (as in tree), and Milan straws. These hats provide sun protection on the beach or by the pool and transform any summer wardrobe into flirty fun fashion statements. 

All hats are hand made to order by Lisa Battaglia. They are fully travel-ready, made from sustainable products and they are ready to complete any summer wardrobe! 

We are under construction!

Pardon our dust (well, lint maybe) as we are building out a brand new website. You’ll soon be able to browse and shop for all of Lisa’s fine hats online. We hope to launch the new site in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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