The Lisa Battaglia story

The Personal Story of a Master Milliner

Master milliner, a true artisan, this cobbler of hats has taken a cottage industry and transformed it into her own trade.


Lisa, a master- craftswoman, specializes in a technique of freeform blocking to elevate traditional shapes to transform hats into modern works of art.


She models her approach to the Impressionistic era. Rebels to the art movement, freedom thinkers having a passion of form, color and style defined a movement of the art world that was completely their own.


Her hats have been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, InStyle, The New York Post.


She has received numerous awards and has coveted the recognition of her one off designs from influencers and celebrities alike.



Lisa Battaglia designs hats that reinterpret vintage aesthetics to live in the modern world. Drawing on her unusual free-form technique and her uncanny fashion instinct, she creates dramatic hats that recall a bygone era and yet are utterly of the moment. Each hat is a geometric work of art that magically provides its wearer with more than one look through a simple turn of the brim.

I often refer to my aesthetic as “modern vintage.” To me, there is such beauty in merging the craftsmanship of old world millinery with modern colors, shapes and fabrics.

Lisa uses the traditional millinery technique of free-form draping to create her hats. Using a wooden hat form, she drapes, twists, and sculpts the material, and then hand-stitches the folds to create her signature looks.

Each piece is an intricate, beautiful work of art in and of itself. Most of Lisa’s hats can be worn in several different ways to fit the occasion or match your mood.