Now that we have put last week behind us with all the anxiousness and apprehension,  I am hoping that our country can become more cohesive and “light”. In celebration of bringing in this sense of lightness, I would like to  introduce the packable collection

This collection was created as women expressed a need to bring function into their wardrobe without forsaking fashion. The lightweight of these hats makes them easy to wear, light on the head, comfortable, easy to pack, and also an added staple to any wardrobe. Let’s not forget one of the most important factors, SPF.

With skin cancer on the rise, it is most important to wear sunscreen and to wear a hat that will provide the best sun protection. As a designer, I do not believe you have to compromise fashion to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Pairing fashionable caftans and fun hats can be a creative way to express yourself allowing the benefits of providing the necessary precautions against sun damage.

Charlie is a handcrafted hat and truly a one-of-a-kind hand blocked fedora hat. The straw is raffia which is very lightweight and easy to wear. Charlie has a bohemian feel to it and the seagrass green-grey color lends itself to an easy-breezy feeling. The hat is freeform blocked which means it is all hand sculpted and truly a work of art.

This hat speaks to me in its simplicity of design, although the technique of its design is not nearly the case. The unique yet translatable hat makes this hat wearable for most face and head shapes. Adding this shape to your wardrobe is sure to elevate your style and make the perfect addition to your resortwear and casual wear.