As Fall starts to transition to more colder months, I think about hats not only for their fashionable use but for warmth as well.  The Mavis hat lends itself to a comfortable hat in velour fabric with just the right material to infuse a warmer fabric into a fashion hat.  The size of this hat is great because it is effortlessy casual which lends itself to a great warm chic look.  The electric blue and pop of color elevates our pandemic thoughts to a place of transformation and feeling good about ourselves and our fashion.

Mavis, a 60’s inspired hat was taken into consideration as a part of Fall ’20 because of the many changes that were on the horizon for women at the time.  It was a time when women entered the workforce….. A time of change.  Today is no different as we define ourselves and our individuality in a politically charged environment.  The freedom of expression in our dress and our politics define us as unique individuals.  Wearing a hat today is a great way to show that uniqueness as we look for more ways to show our individualism that is paving our future as a nation.

The color of deep periwinkle, the pandemic and politics go hand in hand in forecasting trends in today’s fashion and the future of our country.