With all of the snow coming down, I really love to gaze out of the window and delight in the sun reflecting off the snow and providing a beautiful backdrop to highlight pictures of the winter hats especially our regal Foxy hat.

It reminds me of a winter husky and is just a gorgeous hat with a beautiful sheen.  There is such details in the quality of the velour fabric, the color of the material and the faux fur trim.  Taking in apre ski or walking around Aspen, this hat feels regal and relaxed at the same time.  The detailed craftsmanship in the design of the hat is a labor of love and even if you aren’t a fan of Winter and the snow how can you not be one when donning this one of a kind hat to elevate your mood!

Shop it!    https://lisabattaglia.myshopify.com/collections/fall-winter-2020-collection/products/foxy