As a designer I have ALWAYS  gravitated toward beautiful things and even in a pandemic I’ve found that you can enjoy the simple pleasures and beauties all around.  September and October are my favorite months as I enjoy the beautiful scenery of Upstate NY and the leaves changing colors.  Also the foods of autumn with the squash, pumpkin and fig……. there is creativity to be had in cuisine, taking in the scenery…..

And millinery is no exception, even in a pandemic year…… Homeschooling and working from home have redesigned my life as a designer as I dive into more of the “cottage” industry this trade is really all about.

The Gambler exemplifies the elements of Fall 2020 in the handcrafting using a knitting needle to hand weave elements of yarn stitches so synonymous of old world techniques.  The camel velour and beautiful finish of this hat with the fine stitches are unprecedented details of life at home.  I have honed my “craftswoman ” pioneer” skills to find pleasures in the simple life and as a result the creation of this one of a kind hat that mimics that.

So back to basics it is with an exquisite bent in luxury redefined for those seeking classic elegance with a bit of a crafty-ness for Fall 2020